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Why Should You Give Zero Trust A Closer Look

In today’s ear that’s defined by mobility and the cloud, the traditional perimeter based security is no longer enough. Firewalls are not sufficient either when it comes to protecting the information of a company. That’s where zero trust comes in. Data moves around a lot and it’s possible to be going back and forth to […]

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Should You Outsource Your Company’s IT Services

IT consulting has grown in popularity these days especially among smaller businesses. But you have to do your research before you decide whether IT Services Wilmington NC is best for your company or not. A Computer Economics study revealed that smaller firms are heading the trend when it comes to IT outsourcing. And some believe that the […]

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A Discussion on Zero Trust Access

With an ever-expanding digital infrastructure, an increasingly sophisticated cyber threat landscape, and a growing cybersecurity skills gap, IT and OT leaders are facing pressure daily to establish and maintain trust in their networks. Furthermore, the situation has become even more challenging in recent months with the need to secure remote work around the world. Zero trust Access (ZTA) addresses these concerns […]

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7 Reasons Why Companies Need IT Support

Do you think IT support is just for big companies? Of course not. There are many advantages to having a professional IT support for your company, even if you’re just a startup. IT support could help make sure that your remains competitive. It could also help you save money over time and assist you in […]

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Align Your Customers' Business Needs with Cybersecurity Functionality

Today’s enterprises are dealing with constant change affecting different parts of their business. And far too often, the various solutions to these new realities do not align. This is especially true of business goals and cybersecurity policy. Traditionally, as your customers have maneuvered simultaneously to address rapidly changing business and consumer demands along with security […]

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Improve Zero Trust Security By Securing SD-WAN

Think about the regular network architecture of any organization. It’s typically a disorderly array of network connections going in every direction between different infrastructure devices on a legacy flat network. Each time the infrastructure needs a change, you should breathe deeply and open the network diagram, hoping that you could wedge the new requirements into […]

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What Is a Zero day Attack?

A zero day attack occurs when hackers exploit a vulnerability in hardware or software that is unknown to the vendor. An attacker discovers the vulnerability, swiftly creates an exploit, and uses it to launch an attack. Zero-day attacks are severe security threats with high success rates as businesses do not have defenses in place to detect or […]

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What Is Zero Day Vulnerability?

You’ve probably heard about zero day vulnerability but do you have any idea what it is? It’s actually a software security flaw, which the software vendor knows, but can’t fix it since there’s no available patch to fix it. It’s easy for cybercriminals to exploit it. During these modern times, vulnerabilities are flaws that were not intended […]

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Why Hire Co-Managed IT Service For Your Business In 2021

Companies across the world spent as much as $4 trillion on IT back in 2019. As businesses become more digitally focused, they struggle to remain on top of the newest technology as well as IT security. For small and medium businesses, this difficulty is intense because the investments required to keep this service level is […]

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Putting Together An Effective IT Support

Although executing any one of these aspect of IT support into your company can surely help, if they’re not done in accordance to an overall IT strategy then the results won’t be what you wanted, which means less efficiency, more problems, and higher costs. An IT strategy that’s made by an managed service provider or […]

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