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The True Value of Data

Personal data is extremely valuable to the person from which it originates that's why data protection is a must. We all have it (or at least pretend to…more on that in my next blog), and we all want it protected when we share it. There are global legal expectations for personal information protections, such as […]

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Wilmington – What Can I Do To Protect Our Data Before a Hurricane Strikes?

Data backup is crucial regardless of whether your business is located. When your computer encounters a power surge, different unfortunate events may happen. If too much voltage hits your power supply, it could fry all of the components in the computer and the ones that are closes to the power supply will suffer the most […]

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Do I need a managed firewall?

Qualified managed IT service providers generally offer managed firewall services as a solution for firewall administration, operation, monitoring, as well as maintenance of the firewall infrastructure. The service provider can help create, maintain, and change firewall rules, check your network and offer feedback, reports, as well as analysis to improve your company’s computer security Wilmington […]

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What You Need To Know About Managed Firewalls?

Managed firewalls offer protection against outside attackers by protecting your network or computer from unnecessary or malicious internet traffic. Firewalls could be set up to block information from specific locations while granting access to necessary or relevant data. They are used to compartmentalize internal system with PCI, HIPPAA, as well as other Level 1 information […]

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Why Aren’t Passwords Good Enough?

Before discussing what a 2FA or two-factor authentication is, let us first take into account why it is crucial to do all the things you can to make sure that your online account is secure including securing your passwords. With so much of your life happening on laptops and mobile devices, it is not a […]

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Boost Data Recovery and Backup Plans For Hurricane Season

The hurricane season is here and you need to prepare your business by boosting your data recovery and backup plans. The hurricane season in the Atlantic begins on June 1 and lasts until November 30. The weather this year is expected to be similar to last year and that means businesses need to prepare for […]

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Tips To Prevent A Data Breach

Many people are hearing about news regarding a data breach. Consumers are now wondering how this is always happening. It would appear like companies must be more serious about their data security. Needless to say that a data breach can cost millions and can tarnish the reputation of the company involved. Consumers may recall that […]

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How Does A Data Breach Happen?

A data breach is more than just a temporary terror. It could change your life significantly. Individuals, governments, and businesses alike could experience major complications from having their data exposed. If you are online or offline, hackers can still get to you through text messages, Bluetooth, internet, and other online devices that you are using. […]

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Data Recovery: Hurricane Preparedness Plan For Your Business

Hurricanes can cost a lot of destruction and that’s why developing a data recovery plan ahead of time so you will have a sense of peace of mind. This guide will provide you with suggestions to assist your organization in preparing for the effect of a hurricane on the operations of your business, employees, and […]

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How To Protect Your Business From Ransomware Attacks

Any malicious software that aims to infect your computer and show a message that asks you to pay a fee if you want to gain back control of your system again is called a ransomware. This kind of software will hostage critical system and data and ask you for thousands or worse, tens of thousands […]

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