managed firewallHigh-speed Internet connections are increasingly important for businesses to connect their offices, store data and use cloud computing to manage customer relations, billing and office productivity. Your business will become more connected, so it is more critical that your data is protected from outsiders like cyber criminals and one way to do that is through managed firewall solutions.

Small businesses often lack strong managed firewalls Wilmington NC to protect them against external threats. They utilize a free firewall software, such as Windows PC firewalls and a firewall software that is bundled carrier-based, which is provided by Comcast or CenturyLink. These solutions are not effective against sophisticated threats and it is a good idea to upgrade to a business-class firewall.

Firewalls Wilmington NC may not offer complete protection, even if it is well-maintained by qualified personnel. Without regular maintenance, even the most powerful device will lose its effectiveness over time. Business class firewalls keep your data safe by making sure that firmware and threat definitions are current, backups are made, and the system is monitored 24-7-365. Today’s business-class firewalls offer Unified Threat Management and bandwidth failover features.

Reasons You Need Managed Firewall Services

Here are five reasons small businesses would be better off with managed firewall services:

IT is not your core business. Most likely, you got into business to do something other than firewall network security. You aren’t an expert in security management. You could certainly hire someone to help you with your IT but it would mean that you are wasting valuable time and money on products or services you don’t need. It is essential to hire a certified IT company/managed service provider who is certified with a business-class firewall provider.

It is costly to hire consultants. You will need to hire a consultant to configure your firewall, at $150 an hour or more, if you don’t have a managed service. If something goes wrong, or you need to change a configuration, you will be charged $150 per hour. The new consultant will also spend at least one hour trying to figure out what the previous consultant did. Your managed service provider will have certified engineers who can manage and support your business-class firewall network.

A failure in network security could spell doom for your business. You will need a plan to recover. Firewalls can sometimes fail, just like all hardware. If this happens, it’s important that you have a plan in place to quickly restore connectivity. Who makes sure that your router configurations are backed-up, secures a prompt replacement from the manufacturer, and ensures that the device is properly configured and installed?

There are some cybersecurity threats that can come from within your company. Online video, social media and gaming can all drain productivity and expose your business to viruses. These internal threats to productivity and security can be managed with properly configured URL filtering.

Security threats change daily. Every day, new viruses, worms and malicious cybersecurity Wilmington NC attacks are developed to exploit vulnerabilities in networks and steal confidential information. Professional network security personnel will keep your network’s security devices up-to-date with the most recent firmware and threat definitions through a managed firewall service.

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