cybersecurityIt is true – Criminal Enterprises are currently executing systematic and deliberate plans of attack to break into your company and take its most valuable assets. Cybercrime is a multibillion-dollar industry. Cybercriminals profit from finding new ways to exploit complex networks like yours. Cybercriminals continue to develop new methods and resources to avoid detection and bypass cybersecurity. Cybercriminals are constantly developing new techniques and resources to bypass cybersecurity and evade detection.

These threats must be identified by your managed IT services security team before they can compromise you business. This means that they must be able to analyze and compare all evidence from your network, including log files from scores of devices. Then, they will identify an attack pattern based on hundreds of thousands of incidents to protect your company. This is a task that many companies simply do not have the resources to accomplish.

This is not your core competency. You need help.

You should not confuse tools with their users.

Organizations are deploying new technologies that are essential for successfully competing in the digital economy, including BYOD, applications, IoT, SDN, Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud, Big Data, interconnected network ecosystems (network of networks), and employees blending work and personal data on a single device

They also have to balance the demands of these new technologies against the potential risks. These new technologies must be adopted successfully by security, not restricted. Network security, for most organizations, is made up of many security devices from different vendors and placed at various points across the network. They are often isolated and isolated, meaning they can only see a small portion of the network and they don’t communicate with many other tools.

It is a problem that, just as networks undergo a radical transformation through the adoption of such technologies as virtualization, IoT and increasingly mobile workers, we also have a severe cybersecurity skills shortage. It is believed that more than a million cybersecurity jobs remain unfilled. Many of these people don’t need a new security certificate. They need IT support Wilmington NC professionals who are able to stay ahead of criminals who want to cause them harm.

What is a Managed Security Service Provider?

The digital economy is changing rapidly and data collection and distribution are the new currency of business. Its growth drives the explosion in IoT devices and other connected devices, as well as the expansion of the network into cloud computing, hyperconnectivity among networks, and the creation of a new digital economy.

Many companies don’t exist to manage and secure networks. This is especially true for networks that are not as distributed or dynamically changing than the ones currently being developed. Organizations must focus on their core competencies to be successful. Their resources and overhead are devoted to providing solutions or products to customers.

Organizations are outsourcing security services to Managed Security Service Providers. They have the technology and security skills to manage the distributed network, integrate with cloud or on-premises solutions, and create and enforce seamless security policies.

They can combine NOC and SOC resources, knowledge, and procedures to provide a holistic approach to finding potential threats across email, web and mobile.

IT Support Wilmington NCHow to choose the right MSSP team

Fortinet offers a range of top-quality security products that can detect and react to advanced threats. We also created the Fortinet Security Fabric which allows organizations to link their security solutions into a holistic, coordinated solution that consolidates visibility, increases awareness, and expands control.

Even the most advanced tools can only be as effective as the people who use them. Experience is required to make connections between events and devices so that you can discern the threat intelligence from all the noise. It is easy to break up rocks with a hammer or chisel. Michelangelo had to have a lot of experience before he could carve David out of stone. Effective security is just as much an art form as science.

Fortinet works with proven MSSP’s like the Leidos team to provide their IT support professionals with the most sophisticated and integrated security technology in the industry.

Leidos has been providing NOC/SOC operations for organizations that have the highest security requirements for more than 17 years. The minimum requirement for their staff is five years of security experience. It would be difficult for most organizations to have the same level of expertise within their IT departments. Leidos and other MSSPs can provide managed IT services Wilmington NC to organizations such as yours, including turnkey security solutions or additional technologies to fill the gaps.

A comprehensive security deployment can dynamically adapt to changing network configurations and see and correlate intelligence from all parts of the distributed landscape. It can also automatically establish and enforce policies to adapt to changing business needs. It does this with the speed and accuracy that businesses today require, regardless of where they are located on the attack surface.

SpartanTec, Inc. can assist you in learning more about managed IT services for your business.


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