cybersecurityPeople tend to imagine the most popular targets of cybersecurity criminals to be big business and government organizations. Although these are lucrative targets, they are very difficult to breach successfully.

Hackers are mostly opportunists. They want targets that are valuable, but they also make sure that their practices are optimized and attack low hanging fruits. That’s why they like to attack small businesses. They will get access data and money, making them profitable targets, and they’re easier to breach because they have lower defenses.

Fortunately, having even the most basic cybersecurity strategies can thwart cybersecurity threats. Cybercriminals who come across difficult obstacles would rather target those with minimal or no defenses or IT support at all.



Of course, it’s not that simple. Hackers always change their strategies and learn new methods so they can catch small businesses off guard and take advantage of their vulnerabilities. That’s why you need to make sure that your cybersecurity strategies are updated.

Top Cybersecurity Strategies You Need To Know

Cloud Security

It’s about securing your cloud based infrastructure, data, and applications. Small businesses rely on the cloud to provide the infrastructure that their businesses need. Cloud based security systems are cheap, accessible, and efficient but they’re not equal. It’s crucial that you choose applications and platforms that give the highest security level possible and have integrated safeguards to protect your business against vulnerabilities.

Network Security

Network security methods involve preventing the misuse and unauthorized use of your computer network. It includes the data and devices that are controlled by your company’s network administrator. The least you can do is restrict access to your Wi-Fi network by having a strong password. You can also call SpartanTec, Inc. and let our team of IT experts help improve your network security.

Firewalls and VPNs

You should consider investing in firewalls and virtual private networks. They cannot prevent all kinds of cyberattacks but they are effective when used correctly.

Upgrades and Updates

They are commonly underestimated but they are the best methods you can use to boost the cybersecurity of your business. Developers and programmers are always watching out for new threats, and once they discover one, they will create a patch to protect you against it. But, in order to benefit from this patch, it has to be installed. A lot of companies leave their software and devices not updated, leaving them vulnerable to cyberthreats.

Data Backups

It’s best to have several backups of your company’s data. By doing so, you will have access to your data backup once you become a victim of a natural disaster or a ransomware attack.

Limited and Segmented Access

You should also limit and segment your employee’s access to the data and system owned by your company. While it can be quite tempting to think that cybersecurity threats come from external hackers, the truth is that it can also originate from inside your company. If you keep tight controls over your user access, you will get to limit the damage that’s caused to your company.


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