Do Small Businesses Take Cyber Security Seriously?

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Barclaycard, one of the giants in the industry of global payments, has some disturbing new data to share about the state of cyber security in small and medium-sized businesses. Less than one in five of the businesses surveyed viewed cyber security as their top priority. What makes that fact more disturbing still is the fact that nearly half of those businesses admitted to having been a victim of a cyber-attack within the last 12-months, and slightly more than half (54%) saying that they are fearful they may be hit again.

In tandem with this is the fact that a mere 13% of poll respondents said that they were comfortable enough with their level of knowledge to be able to even formulate a plan that would protect their business. When you put those two pieces of information together, along with the fact that, on average, a cyber attack on a small to medium sized business will cost companies about $100,000, it’s easy to see why the data is so disturbing.

The reality is that most of the businesses in operation on the planet today are small to medium-sized. The realization that most of these are terrified of being hit, many of them have already been hit, and few are taking steps to do anything about it is a recipe for long-term disaster.

How is your firm’s cyber security? Do you feel confident you can withstand a determined attack on your digital infrastructure? If not, what are your plans to address weaknesses in your current security? If you’re not sure how to proceed, but you recognize that you are at risk, know that you don’t have to go it alone! Contact SpartanTec, Inc. today and speak with one of our knowledgeable team members. We can help you assess the current state of your digital security, and assist you with making your firm’s data as safe as it can be.

More Stats Regarding Small Business

According to security company Infoblox, a staggering 83% of the networks they’ve studied contain some form of malicious activity. The news is as staggering as it is grim, but if there’s a silver lining to be found in the report, it is that the company has broken out the biggest and most commonly found threats. We’ll summarize these below:

BotNet Activity and Malformed DNS packets – This broad category accounted for more than half (53%) of the suspicious activity found.

DNS tunneling was the next most common, and although it has legitimate uses in the world of business, hackers are increasingly using it to bypass corporate firewalls, so any instances of tunneling detected on your own network should absolutely be given a higher level of scrutiny.

Zeus Malware (17%) and DDoS traffic (15%) were the next most common types of suspicious activities, and as anyone who has ever faced a determined DDoS (denial of service) attack can tell you, they’re brutal, and even where they don’t succeed, they put an enormous strain on corporate digital resources.

After that, the Cryptolocker ransomware was found in 13% of the networks reviewed, and Amplification and Reflection on 12%. Perhaps most disturbing of all, however, was the fact that Heartbleed vulnerabilities were found on 11% of the networks examined. This, even after more than a year of concerted effort by multiple parties to help companies ensure they upgraded to avoid having SSL vulnerabilities – a significant percentage of corporate networks inexplicably haven’t.

What’s good about having access to this list is that it identifies the most common threats you can expect to face. If you know what the most common threats are, you can take specific steps to guard against them. Granted, doing so won’t provide you with bulletproof protection, but if you know you’re protected against the most common threats likely to be deployed against you, you’re miles ahead of the game.

SpartanTec, Inc. is here to help your business stay ahead of the threats. We can create an IT management plan to fit any size business. Call us today for an analysis of the threat level to your data.

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