Data recoveryThe hurricane season is here and you need to prepare your business by boosting your data recovery and backup plans. The hurricane season in the Atlantic begins on June 1 and lasts until November 30. The weather this year is expected to be similar to last year and that means businesses need to prepare for possible damage caused by flooding, heavy rains, and high winds. You have to make improvements to your data recovery and cloud backup procedures.

If you don’t, it may spell disaster for your business. Natural disasters can lead to software and hardware failures. The Federal Emergency Management Agency said that almost 40% of SMBs don’t resume their operations after facing a disaster.

Refine Your Data Recovery Plan

The main objective of data recovery services is to maintain customer communications, infrastructure, and staff safety during a natural disaster like a hurricane. You can achieve this essential goal by making sure that you prevent possible downtime and shorten the recovery time. By reducing the possibility of losing data and strengthening the integrity of your information, as well as fortifying data security and infrastructure are among the most important cybersecurity practices.



Tips To Create A Bullet Proof Data Recovery Plan

Identify your assets – it’s impossible to back up all of your business and customer data without first having a detailed inventory of your IT resources including mobile devices, servers, computers, as well as software applications. Since not all of your assets are created equally, it will be helpful to categorize them based on their priority. This should show how important the assets are for your company to operate and grow successfully.

Check your insurance – data recovery insurance will gidatve you the funds your company needs to resume its operations. However, it’s important to check that your insurance coverage will do everything that you expect it to do.

Create a data recovery and backup plan – these days, you can select from various data recovery and backup options for your company. These include local network backups, USB drives, tapes, as well as different cloud backup providers. When creating a data backup plan, you have to consider the backup cost, security, and frequency. Several cloud data backup companies provide continuous data protection, saving copies of all the changes made to your information automatically. This kind of backup is perfect for protecting data that’s critical to your business.

Test your data recovery plan and backup – even if you have a well-thought-out data recovery and a backup plan, it won’t do you any good if you didn’t test it. You’ll only end up with more problems if you discover that it has a flaw at the time you need it most. You have to test your plan to ensure successful data recovery.

Keep your customers in mind – when a disaster happens, your company will concentrate on fixing infrastructure and resuming your business operations. But, you should remember your clients. You should treat them like your business partners who need to know what’s happening with the recovery of your company.

Natural disasters and the hurricane season are inevitable but there are things you can do to prepare for them and make sure that your company can resume operations as fast as possible while successfully retrieving lost data.

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