Why Your Business Needs Data Backup

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Reports released by Microsoft and Cisco revealed that the cyberattacks against business of different sizes are increasing and doing a lot more damage than expected. The numbers that are related to ransomware attacks as well as other types of online attacks have become quite alarming. Businesses also have more to lose and not just money or data during an attack. Here are a few things you need consider:

Facts about Data Loss and Cyber Attacks

More than 50% of all the companies that have fallen victims to cyber-attacks or data breaches are then subjected to public scrutiny and they suffer losses in their brand reputation, customer trust, and customer loyalty. Among the firms that suffer breaches or attacks, almost a quarter of them have lost business opportunities after the data loss event.

About 29% of companies that have fallen victims of attacks lose their revenue, and almost 40% of those firms lose more than 20% of their total revenue. More than 20% of the firms suffer a cyberattack or data loss tend to lose clients, too. Additionally, around 40% of those firms lose over 20% of their clients.

Based on the figures, the consequences of data loss because of cyberattacks could be devastating for a company. But ransomware and cyberattacks aren’t the only threats to your firm’s business data.

Risks To Important Business Data Are Everywhere

Reports of hackers and malicious software are everywhere today. And although these kinds of threats do pose essential risks for companies, they’re also not just the ones out here.

Ransomware, Viruses, and Hackers

Cyberattacks are causing a lot of problems for business across the globe. And although ransomware outbreaks and hackers are making headlines and causing damage, old school malware, traditional viruses, and spyware continue to be among the list of the reasons for data loss and breaches. Anti-virus and anti-malware software could help. However, even if you have a security software that’s updated, your business may still be left exposed to the possibility of data loss because of ransomware, malware, and hackers.

Physical Disasters

With the countless reports about hackers, malware, and cyber attacks, it’s very easy to overlook a few of the more traditional physical threats that data face every single day. Flood, fire, and other kinds of natural disasters could wipe out all of the data in your location and make the recovery almost impossible. And, in case you don’t have several backups available online, the basic theft of a storage device and hard drive could lead to data loss. In case that is not enough, you must never take for granted the threat of hardware failures as well as other kind of hardware problems.

Backup Basics

You should have at least three copies of your data. One copy must be kept offsite to protect it against flood, fire, and theft as well as other physical disasters. The other two must be stored in different formats like tape, disk, and cloud.

Network and local backups

Among the easiest way to make backups of data is to store copies of essential files on tape drives, hard drives, or other kinds of storage devices. Another effective way of make sure that backups are made available locally whenever you need them is copying important files to USB flash drives, hard drives, and external drives.

Cloud Backups

Today, it appears like where you look, there’s news or talk about companies migrating to the cloud. Additionally, backup solutions aren’t exempted. To put it simply, cloud backups copies of data that are secured offsite. They are stored on the remote servers and then be accessed through an internet connection.

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