cybersecurityBack in 2018, the Girl Scouts of the USA said that a brand new STEM-oriented badges, which include about three cybersecurity problems. Today, the biggest Girl Scouts council, GSNC or Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital is working with HPE or Hewlett Packard Enterprise to take the cyber skills of the troops to the next level.

Junior girl scouts, with ages that range between 9 to 11 among its 60,000 members would get to play a game in order to learn about online identities, privacy, cyberbullying, and security. When they finish the game, they will earn an analog new HPE cybersecurity patch.

Kids that go online are becoming younger and younger. They should be equipped with the ability to go through the online world as cautious, smart consumers to protect their identity, their safety, and their data.



If you look the world around you and how much it takes place online, and how early on children are engaged online, they could become fundamental life skills. HPE developed the game along with the Romero Games to recreate real world situations. Referred to as Cyber Squad, the game will teach children about the idea of a digital footprint, online safety, security, privacy, as well as cyberbullying.

Because it will involve kids, everyone knows that children want stuff that are exciting and fun. Cyber Squad happened when a GSNC troop leader wanted to teach her troop members about cybersecurity. These children were becoming much more autonomous digital individuals, and the troop leader believed they required more guidance.

Kids who have played or took lesson from this game became more confident and were now able to explain well the concepts of online security to their peers and friends using their own words.

In July 2018, the Girl Scouts USA started the 30 new STEM- related badges. This curriculum was enhanced further through the HPE patch. The Girls Scouts National’s Capital is dedicated to developing a pipeline of women in the STEM careers, beginning with girls. Working locally with HPE permitted the council to improve the national cybersecurity badge program.

This don’t just apply to girls but boys too. Whether it’s kids or adults, there will always be a need for this. A game may seem like a cheeky method to take on a serious problem but positioning this as a game has sparked interest as well as long discussions among the kids regarding how to enhance bad passwords or what needs to be done when the notice cyber bullying.

Knowing how to set the table, sell several Thin Mints, and pitch a tent remain as crucial skills for Girl Scouts. But it’s also essential to become a computer security pro.

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