managed firewallsBusinesses in Wilmington NC recognize the importance of firewalls to their network security. They filter traffic to ensure legitimate communications can flow freely and prevent unauthorized access. Managed firewalls are becoming more complex due to rising management complexity.

Today’s managed firewalls have more security features than their predecessors to combat sophisticated threats. This means that you need to carefully configure, monitor and update your firewalls. The management requirements of a mid-market company with 100 firewalls can quickly become overwhelming.

The problem is that firewall interfaces are often complex and not intuitive. This increases the risk of making mistakes that could have severe consequences. Expert analysts believe that 99 percent of firewall breaches are due to misconfigurations, rather than technical flaws. This is evident in the Capital One breach of last year. In the third largest recorded U.S. security breach, a hacker used a poorly configured firewall to steal customer records worth 106 million.

Access to the Right Expertise Given the critical role firewalls play for network security, many companies should consider outsourcing the management to qualified managed service providers (MSP) such as SpartanTec, Inc., Wilmington NC. However, not all MSPs will be equal. Only MSPs with expertise in firewall configuration or policy development can provide the type of dedicated monitoring and management that will ensure your firewalls are properly patched, up-to-date and audited.

SpartanTec, Inc. security solution includes firewall management. The comprehensive approach starts with the installation of a firewall. This firewall incorporates application-aware packet inspection and access control. In order to detect and prevent malicious traffic, it also provides intrusion prevention services.

SpartanTec, Inc. offers all hardware and software. After installation and configuration, we: All administrative tasks, User accounts can be added or deleted, Modify firewall rules or update configurations, Remotely install updates, bug fixes, and patches as required.

Reduce Rules Sprawl

The service’s rules management is particularly important. To keep up with changes in the network environment, user-defined rules which determine how firewalls filter traffic must be maintained. Firewall rules need to be updated every time users, remote sites, or applications are added or removed from the network.

Expired, duplicated or obsolete policies can lead to a bloated rule base that drives firewall actions. A recent Illiumo survey found that nearly two-thirds of IT professionals have over 1,000 rules for each firewall. Larger companies with multiple firewalls may have thousands of rules.

Firewall rules that are too complex can not only make management more difficult but also create compliance problems. According to the PCI-DSS standard, organizations must review firewall rules at minimum once every six months. However, surveys show that very few organizations conduct these audits regularly. A study showed that the majority of organizations only audit their firewalls once a year. Up to 20% never audit.

SpartanTec, Inc. will maintain, modify and establish firewall rules in order to eliminate obsolete rules that cause security and compliance gaps. Our ongoing monitoring provides more insight than companies get from managed firewall management services or do-it yourself firewall management. Our Network Operations Center analyzes logs and other events to provide regular reports on firewall performance, active users, and traffic patterns. Any suspicious patterns will be immediately alerted.

Although firewalls are the first line defense for network security, many organizations are introducing risk by insufficient management practices. Call us to discuss your firewall environment and how we could help you reduce complexity and improve security with comprehensive firewall monitoring and management.

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