firewallManaged security service providers (MSSPs) are qualified to provide managed firewall services. This service provides a solution for firewall administration, monitoring, maintenance, and operation. An MSSP can help you set up, manage, and modify firewall rules. They will also monitor your network and provide feedback, analysis, and reports.

The MSSP can perform web content filtering, application control, firewall installation and firewall installation depending on the terms of the service agreement. They also assist in determining which web content (URLS), to block. They can also manage patches and updates.

Are you looking for a managed firewall solution?

Firewalls are essential to protect network traffic and the flow of sensitive information. Firewalls are essential for complying with mandates such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, and GDPR. A managed firewall service can be used by companies that lack the resources to manage their firewalls or other security devices. This will help close data security gaps and prevent data breaches. While most companies that our auditors audit employ IT staff to manage their firewalls and other security devices, many choose to use a managed firewall service to allow them to focus on their core business goals.

Comprehensive firewall management requires expertise and constant monitoring. Firewalls cannot be set up and forgotten. The first step in configuring and purchasing a firewall is to configure it for your environment.

A managed firewall service can provide significant security for a network, whether it is for compliance or data security.

Common failures in firewall management

Cybersecurity analysts are often faced with serious security risks when it comes to the proper management and configuration of firewalls. Here are some of the problems they have seen:

Multiple firewalls

Each firewall in an environment requires maintenance. If there are many firewalls, or if staffing is insufficient or lacking the critical skills necessary to maintain them properly, security problems can lead to serious data loss or compromise.

No firewall auditing

A firewall audit is where a company regularly checks and audits its firewall rules. This is often overlooked. An MSSP will often perform firewall audits as part of their core services. This is a benefit.

SecurityMetrics audit revealed that no IT staff from a health organisation had ever logged in to view the firewall configuration in any instance. An auditor discovered that the firewall was connected to the home network of the former IT employee. The sensitive data within their network was at risk because this organization had not been able to manage their firewall effectively.

Understanding firewalls

Not all IT support professionals are familiar with certain concepts related to firewall management. It is important to secure the area between the network’s external and internal facing networks (called the “demilitarized zones” or DMZ). An audit found that some firewall ports/services had been left open on both sides of the DMZ. This made the network vulnerable and exposed to external malicious activity. The company didn’t initially consider this a problem.

Lack of supervision and inexperience

IT staff are often expected to “make it work.” It is a huge responsibility to ensure that systems are up and running in order to support business operations. Sometimes this pressure can lead to dangerous or careless configurations, such as in the case where a merchant used the IT department’s any/any rule approach to diagnose the root cause of a firewall problem. This made the merchant’s network very vulnerable. There is also the risk that the rule may not be disabled/removed after the testing is completed.

Security vs. convenience

After 4 years of working with a customer, a security analyst was stunned to discover that the customer had changed hundreds of firewall rules after they reviewed and approved them. This was to make it easier for the executive team.

Firewall is not PCI DSS compliant.

The MSSP might not be PCI compliant even if a company uses a managed firewall. The company would be considered non-compliant in this case. As evidence, ensure that you find a PCI-compliant service provider.

Security gaps in firewalls are the norm

Security gaps and firewall misconfigurations are not an exception, as our security analysts have seen firsthand. A firewall misconfiguration that allows outside traffic through has been the source of many breaches in large restaurants and retail stores.

It is crucial for companies to have a solid understanding of how to install, manage, and maintain their firewall and other security devices. For help with managing their firewall, it’s a good idea to consult an experienced and properly certified provider. It’s amazing how many times another pair of trained eyes can spot a potential vulnerability that might otherwise go unnoticed.

SecurityMetrics Pulse SIEM/SOC

SecurityMetrics Pulse SOC/SIEM provides visibility into the unreachable areas of your extended network. Pulse detects threats to a business’ location so you can take steps against them and prevent data breaches from happening.

Pulse Firewall Security

You need to have a well-managed firewall in place to protect the locations of your organization’s data. Pulse Firewall Security will alert you when potential threats are identified. This will allow you to stay safe at all locations, protect your data, and comply with compliance requirements.

  • The Pulse Firewall also includes: Managed security for your extended network, not just visibility
  • High-quality firewalls and internal vulnerability scanning technologies
  • Managed firewall service to make sure firewalls are installed correctly and work properly

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