firewallsOne of the most crucial components of network security is the firewall. It filters outgoing and incoming traffic according to a certain set of user defined rules to let the free flow of authorized communications while preventing access that are prohibited. However, firewall management has become complicated and that’s why many companies are getting exposed. That’s why managed firewalls exist.

To fight the evolving online threats, the firewalls these days include improved security features than the ones that existed before. That’s why there’s a need for cautious configuration, continual monitoring, as well as ongoing updates. The management of firewalls can become overwhelming when you’re handling a lot of them.

Part of the issue is that the interfaces of the firewall are usually complicated and almost never intuitive, which boosts the possibility of mistakes that could have extremely serious consequences.



Why Choose Managed Firewalls

Work With The Experts

Given the importance of firewalls in network security, many firms must think of offloading the burden of management to a qualified and trustworthy managed IT services provider. However, you should remember that managed service providers are not created equal.

You should work with someone who is an expert in configuring firewalls and developing policies that can offer the kind of monitoring and management needed to help make sure that your firewalls are correctly updated and patched.

With a managed firewall service from SpartanTec, Inc., you will get a dedicated team of IT support experts that will handle all of the maintenance and operation. In big companies, managed firewalls could be one of the responsibilities of an in-house IT staff. For smaller to mid-sized companies, managed firewalls can be outsourced to a third party group. In many instances, managed firewalls don’t need a firewall expert on the IT support team. Many technical problems like failures, crashes, as well as errors are being addressed remotely by the managed service provider.

The first step when it comes to the implementation of managed firewalls starts with a security evaluation that determines what the company needs.

Benefits of Managed Firewalls

Managed firewalls solutions provides several advantages to provide the best possible scenario for your company’s cybersecurity. The financial benefits will include decreased downtime and improved productivity among employees. Using a third party service also offers 24/7 support from IT support professionals who have experience and knowledge that will be expensive and difficult to keep in-house.

Other benefits include increase network reliability as well as uptime. You’ll get access to the expertise and knowledge of IT experts. You should also consider getting data backup and disaster recovery services. It helps you with compliance and minimize the risks of business impacting data breaches.


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