managed IT Services Wilmington NCIT has emerged as the back bone of various businesses in the Wilmington NC area. From small government consulting companies with a list of remote experts, to an ever growing list of defense as well as technology firms, a fully functional corporate IT infrastructure is now essential to businesses of different sizes including managed IT Services Wilmington NC.

When talking about managing corporate IT, the majority of firms opt to either get an in-house professionals or team of professionals, or outsource this to an experienced IT vendor like SpartanTec, Inc. in Wilmington. Although these two approaches are amongst the most common, a brand new and hybrid approach referred to as co-management provides a number of different advantages.

Co-management allows firms that have an in-house IT staff to reinforce their inhouse resources with external expertise. The most typical situations wherein firms go for a co-managed IT approach are as follows:



  1. The in-house IT staff concentrates on strategic, high level IT problems and planning, and requires support for daily tasks like helpdesk services, troubleshooting, data backups, and so on.
  1. The in-house IT staff can do the daily tasks but needs external advice about the overall IT strategy of the company.
  1. A company has gone into a fast paced growth phase and requires scaling up its IT services so it could support its internal growth.
  1. Firms have a well developed, in-house IT staff at the location of their headquarters but require a dependable solution for remote branch locations.

Benefits of a co-managed solution are as follows:

More productivity – through a co-management approach, IT support provided by IT consultant Wilmington NC is offered 24×7 even when your in house staff is on a vacation or always taking sick leave. This improved responsiveness could lower down downtime and in return, boost employee productivity.

Lower costs – since most co-management IT services are offered for a fixed monthly rate, they provide companies better predictability when it comes to their IT expenses and lower their IT costs as well as reduce the overhead.

Improved security – deciding to outsource to a co managed service provider will offer you the benefit of making the most out of the provider’s access to the latest technology as well as IT best practices. This cuts down the burden on your in house staff of need to remain abreast of new IT security threats and make sure that your firm has the best protection there is.

SpartanTec,Inc. Co-Managed model is made to support firms that have an IT department but are searching for help with the daily care and maintenance of their IT networks.

SpartanTec, Inc. Co-Managed model will offer access to our service desks as well as enterprise level management services and tools. Tools include proactive monitoring software, portal for ticket entry, tailor made reports, as well as asset management software. Services include forcasting of life cycle replacement, strategically planning the budget, vendor management, as well as consulting services.


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