managed service providerModern businesses thrive on data. Technology is constantly changing, and IT requirements are always evolving. Not to mention the increasing security threats to data and downtimes that could disarm any business. Partnering with a managed service provider is crucial. This partnership will not only help you to streamline different processes in the cloud, but also allow you to manage security and cost issues efficiently and continuously.

No matter if your cloud environment is multi-tenant, hybrid, or both, cloud-managed service providers have the necessary infrastructure and knowledge to manage everything from A to Z. This is why fast-growing businesses are choosing to sign up for managed cloud IT solutions. A report on managed cloud services shows that the market for cloud-managed services is expected to grow from $27.15 million in 2017 to $53.78 trillion by 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) 14.6%

If you’re wondering why managed services are beneficial, let us take a closer look at what a Managed Services Provider does and how they can be used as the foundation of these predictions.

Here are 10 reasons why your business should have a managed service provider

Benefits Of Working With A Managed Service Provider

Cost savings

If you have a small to medium-sized business, maintaining infrastructure and networks internally can lead to huge overheads. You are basically spending money on tools that you don’t need right now to manage your cloud infrastructure. A managed service provider, however, is responsible for managing the cloud infrastructure for clients.

A managed service provider will only charge you for the services you use. The service provider already has all the tools and personnel required to create an infrastructure on the cloud. You can reduce operational costs and IT expenses by using this method. Capital budget is also saved. This allows you to focus on your business strategy instead of worrying about infrastructure planning.

Switching to MSPs also addresses the issue of decreasing OpEx expenditures. You can get cloud services without spending a lot of money with the Pay-as you-go model. This can result in huge savings for small and medium-sized businesses.

Solid infrastructure

There are many moving parts that make up the infrastructure for networks. To ensure they function well and remain robust, there must be a variety of processes and constant funding.

You can share the responsibility of network management, which not only reduces expenses but also allows you to offload a lot of infrastructure responsibilities. This leads to greater cost savings. This allows businesses to be more flexible and diversify.

Managed cloud service providers also offer 24/7 infrastructure management services to ensure that the network infrastructure is in good condition. It is easy to scan and monitor cybersecurity issues according to the standards to ensure that the infrastructure functions at its best. MSPs make it easy to integrate existing business practices into cloud infrastructure. This is an intricate task that aligns with your enterprise goals.

Simplicity of complex processes

The key to managing every process and task in cloud infrastructure management is agility. To achieve results you will need diversity in your workforce and flexibility in operations. You also need to be able pay attention to aspects such as infrastructure compliance management and change management.

One small decision to manage one aspect of your company internally can result in the management of many complex and growing in number processes at infrastructure level.

Trusted managed service providers have the infrastructure, processes and manpower to deal with the most difficult of problems every day. They are experts in their field and can focus on each aspect of the problem while making contingency plans to address any potential challenges.

Data recovery and disaster management

Enterprises that keep their IT infrastructure on-premise may be affected by a disaster or a catastrophic server failure that could adversely impact their day to day business operations. They could lose data that is critical to their business and overall growth. Your business will need to maintain data recovery tools and processes all year.

Even the most severe situations can be handled easily by cloud storage. The cloud will allow you to experience very little downtime. This is an advantage when you consider that a half hour of downtime can cost a small business approximately $8000, and a large business around $700,000.

You have backup cloud servers in case of host failure. Hardware failure risks can almost be eliminated because everything is stored on a virtual platform. This is the number one reason to use managed cloud services.

Upgrades automatically

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Every hour, a new trend emerges in the IT world. You will need to make minor tweaks or invest in major upgrades to meet changing requirements and keep your IT on the up-trend growth curve. On-premise servers can be a significant cost burden for businesses. Servers must be functional to function, so organizations will need to budget for maintenance and security.

MSPs – Managed Service Providers give you the flexibility and scalability needed to evolve and adapt to changing circumstances. All this without affecting your existing business processes.

Improved response time

It doesn’t matter if a new need arises or a network problem occurs. A quick response is essential so that any small issue does not become a major technological disaster. You can be sure that any unanticipated development will be dealt with quickly and efficiently if you have a reliable MSP.


Cloud-managed services providers that are managed by enterprises offer continuous monitoring and scrutiny at the enterprise level. This not only helps to prevent problems from growing but also detects deviations that could pose security risks and other compliance issues.

Access to contingent workers is easy

MSPs are a great way to boost your contingent workforce program. They ensure you have the right talent and certifications at the right time. Randstad Sourceright’s Talent Trends survey in 2018 found that 57% of business leaders and decision-makers expect to move more to contingent status in their efforts to hire IT professionals with the right skills.

These skills are a combination of experience and certifications. This talent is either available in-house by managed service providers with positive market reputations or can be accessed quickly to many skills that they can use for your projects.

Your MSP can help you to partner with human resource outsourcing firms that have access to talent.

Management available round the clock

You need to be available 24/7 to ensure that any Cloud infrastructure runs smoothly. The MSP agreement can stipulate that they monitor and scan the infrastructure and meet any other requirements such as compliance audits and the application of patches.

Managed servers ensure compliance at all times and integrate your business strategies and policies to make sure everything aligns with your organizational goals.

Concentrate on your core business

Top-rated managed service providers can free up resources, manpower, infrastructure, and other responsibilities for your company. You can focus on your core business activities, such as sales and growth.

Experts are available 24/7 to ensure the smooth operation of your cloud-hosted IT systems. With proactive professionals on the cloud front, you won’t have to worry about network or infrastructure failures. With sufficient protection against outages, updates and maintenance can all be done from any location. You can now relax and focus on the core of your business.

Look for a vendor that can help you achieve the right mix of public and private cloud as well as on-premise IT so your business can generate maximum value. The right mix of cloud and on-premise IT will allow you to easily innovate with your products.

Centralized network

Managed service providers (MSPs) use a central data centre within the cloud network to manage all servers and applications. Remote network users have easy access to the central data center. The cloud also allows you to store and back up data on the central network. This is a great way to increase your infrastructure availability.

It all boils down to selecting the right managed IT services provider for your company. Call SpartanTec, Inc. now for more information.

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