security breachesOnce security breaches make the news, they are usually about nefarious actors in some other country or the disastrous technology failure. These types of stories are very enjoyable to read and simpler for the hacked firm to admit to. But the truth is, regardless of the scope and size of the data breach, it’s due to an action or a failure of somebody inside your company.

Insiders play on a massive role in the vulnerability. About 60% of all cyberattacks were performed by insiders, according to the cybersecurity intelligence index of IBM. Among these attacks, about three quarters involve some malicious intent and about one-quarter are due to accidents or inadvertent actions. The IBM security research also discovered that manufacturing, health care, as well as financial services are the three top sectors are under attack because to their personal data, physical inventory, and intellectual property, as well as massive financial assets. But, even if the sectors and industries differ in the volume or value of their assets and in the IT infrastructures that they need to defend and manage, what all companies have in common is the people – all of whom have the possibility to be an insider threat.

Primary Insider Risks That Lead to Security Breaches

Human error is one of the major factors when it comes to cybersecurity attacks. And in most cases, the unwitting and trusting insiders are the reasons why. From stolen devices to misaddressed emails to insecure home systems and confidential data, mistakes could be very expensive. The riskiest of these are IT admins that are well meaning, whose total access to company IT infrastructure could turn a tiny mistake into a disaster.

With these unwitting and trusting insiders, it is the thought that will count. Employees who have a hidden agenda like damaging or stealing are real risks. Some will steal confidential information, some sell intelligence of data, and some just have a vendetta against the company.

Cybercriminals specialize in hijacking identities. A few get this done by compromising a staff system through phishing attacks or malware; some use stolen credentials, especially by taking data from social media channels. In most instances, attackers could increase the access of a hacked user within a system, leading them to more important and sensitive data.

The activities and access that come from trusted systems are the most dangerous component of insider threats. They fly below the radar of different detection technologies. Depending on the success of such attacks, they appear to represent the perfect crime. And in some firms, the challenge of determining these rogue components has led into attempts at zero trust environments. However, security teams have a different formidable adversary and that’s reality. Although restrictive security policies may appear to be a good strategy, they will hinder productivity, prevent innovation, and even frustrate customers.

Work a cybersecurity company that will focus on the right assets, apply deep analytics, understand and know your users, and to remember the basics all the time.

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