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managed IT Services Wilmington NCSmall business owners know that many of their business operations depend on technology. In case you have problems with computer software or hardware, internal databases, or internet connections, all processes will stop. Although you might have thought about hiring an in-house IT employee to assist you with your tech problems, there are several advantages to why your small business should have managed IT services Wilmington NC.

Here are a few points that you should consider regarding IT support services, especially when some of your staff members have shifted to remote working.

Managed IT support are an in-depth way of outsourcing the daily management of your business IT needs. Not only will it free up your time so you could concentrate your schedule on crucial tasks but it also supports the growth and development of your business.

A managed service provider could support your in-house IT department or they could become one for you, based on your business objectives.

What are managed IT services?

Although a lot are familiar with the role of an IT department in a company, there are those who are unfamiliar with what an external IT team could do for their small business.

An in-house IT department is commonly made up of at least one staff member who knows network administration software and hardware installation, as well as troubleshooting technical problems. In a few small businesses, it may be you, the business owner.

On the other hand, you can get all these and so much more from an MSP. They have several IT experts, a lot more than a regular IT department. An IT team possesses a wide array of expertise and knowledge. But rather than working in your office every day, they will take care of your IT needs remotely. The MSP is just one email or phone call away whenever you need them, even if it’s outside the normal business hours.

An MSP can provide the technology services you need for a fixed monthly fee. This will let your business become more proactive rather than waiting for a problem to happen before hiring somebody to deal with it.

Since you’re paying an affordable monthly fee, your small business could easily budget for the expert services you need and allow you to predict your IT spending for the coming months, quarters, or years.

So how can your employees benefit from all these? These professional IT services will keep your staff connected and on top of the latest technology without having to break your budget. Because of this, you’ll get to focus more on building your business rather than your technical concerns.




The Benefits of Managed IT Services

KnowledgeIT services Wilmington NC who have a wide range of knowledge and expertise. You’ll have access to professionals who have several years of experience.

Variety of Service – MSPs offer different service tiers, which is ideal if you want to grow your business. An MSP makes it a lot easier to scale services while your business grows. You probably require essential services for your small business operations, but it’s also good to know you don’t have to worry about your MSP as you expand your business.

Maintenance and Monitoring – An MSP could help prevent problems before they even happen. If you have an IT team to help you out, they could make sure that all the software and hardware are updated and could notice security problems before they become a major problem.


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IT Support Wilmington NCIn house IT support experts require a large amount of money to start and keep even though they are well versed with the ins and outs of your IT setup and systems. This means additional cost because of hiring and training the IT support professionals, which could be a heavy load for startups and mid sized companies.

For individuals running SMEs, IT outsourcing is much more cost effective because of having employees trained to take care of different IT problems.

This helps companies focus on their business rather than trying to deal with things that are outside their expertise. Having said that, if you are thinking of moving to outsourced IT services, here are some of the benefits that you’ll enjoy.

Advantages of Outsourcing IT Support

Better cost management

With SMEs trying to cut back on their costs as much as they can, a consisted budget spend for an outsourced IT support Wilmington NC team is much more favourable when compared to the volatility of expenses that need to be covered from an inhouse IT support staff. An in house IT services department involves a lot of expenses, from equipment to training, to upgrades and to maintenance.



Focus on Your Business Selling Proposition

Many businesses fail because they do not have a unique selling proposition. It is a factor that will separate one company from others, wither it offers a unique service or if it offers the most affordable solution.

Outsourcing IT services Wilmington NC means you do not need to spend your company resources for the maintenance of an in house team. Rather than wasting time trying to determine why technology in your business does not work they’re expected, you could allow other firms who have spent several years of training in dealing with IT issues to do it for you. By doing so, you can concentrate on what really matters, doing what you need to do, and doing it much better than your company competitors.

Better Security

If you’re company has no IT specialization, then it’s possible that an in house team will make a few mistakes that could put your company data at risk. Security breaches usually start with unscrupulous hackers that use a combination of black hat methods and social engineering to steal sensitive information. But outsourcing your IT support means you will have the assistance of experts who know how to deal with the security problems of your business.

Disaster Recovery

Whether it’s due to a cyberattack, flood, or fire, the information of your company is one of your most precious resources. Most companies are not equipped for recovery from these kinds of disasters, any of which could lead to a company to have to stop its operation for a long time.

Disaster can happen anytime, but your business can return to its normal operations quickly if you have the assistance of outside IT support experts who are trained and well versed in the latest backup and disaster recovery technologies.

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SpartanTec, Inc.
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Serving: Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Columbia, Wilmington, Fayetteville, Florence

IT Services Wilmington NCIT consulting has grown in popularity these days especially among smaller businesses. But you have to do your research before you decide whether IT Services Wilmington NC is best for your company or not.

A Computer Economics study revealed that smaller firms are heading the trend when it comes to IT outsourcing. And some believe that the cost savings are the primary drivers of this pattern. Firms that outsource their IT services save an average 25% to 40%.

Whether or not your business must outsource a certain business service is always a complex question for small firms. For certain company services, equipment maintenance or legal work for instance, it just makes sense to trust only the experts with certain experience. Services such as information technology could be a complicated issue, though. Can you really trust an outsider with your information? Are the costs reasonably lower than hiring an in house IT team? How do you know if IT Support Wilmington NC is your best option?



Why Companies Outsource Their IT Services?

Flexibility – companies that are in transition especially those that are growing rapidly, starting new projects, or merging with other firms, such as the flexibility offered by an IT outsourcing firm. Rather than hiring a new staff for short term projects, a firm can hire for specific jobs or for specific time periods.

Expertise – Among the most popular reasons for IT outsourcing is to get access to the experience and knowledge of the experts that your current staff can’t offer. You don’t have to pay for your IT employee to stay updated on new methods and programs through training. The outsourcing companies will train them for you.

Access to Resources – Among the most commonly outsourced functions of a business is client service help desk. Outsourcing could help firms without available space, personnel language capacity, employee availability to serve customers across different time zones all day and all night.

Savings – the savings you’ll get from outsourcing your IT will be significant. It companies such as SpartanTec, Inc. may be able to provide you access to IT services at much affordable costs than when you hire an in-house IT team.

Of course, you don’t just hire any company to handle your IT needs. If your company is having issues dealing with technology on its own, then you most likely need an IT outsourcing provider. But you need to make sure that the company you hire is reputable, trustworthy, reliable, and experienced.

What Can You Outsource?

The following business functions can be outsourced by small to medium sized businesses.


Call SpartanTec, Inc. now if you’re looking for a trustworthy and dependable IT outsourcing company that can handle all your company’s IT needs.


SpartanTec, Inc.
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IT Services Wilmington NCMonths following hurricane Florence damaged coastal cities, many parts of the United States continue to reel from storms’ impact. In the wake of these natural calamities, the country was moved as various communities come together to rebuild, and regain their bearings amid the expensive flooding damage and destruction. Although these amazing people will continue to persevere, such wounds will eventually leave scars on the affected places and that includes businesses with no disaster recovery plan.

Even with the joint efforts of countless volunteers and community members such as Russel Honor, the former commander of Joint Task Force Katrina, admitted to the FOX Business Network that about 40% of small businesses do not survive hurricanes and other widespread natural disasters. This is partly due to the raw damage, insufficient proper insurance, and the business infrastructure just getting washed away along with the flood. Other firms cannot afford to spend money while they wait for their electricity to be reconnected and have no choice but to shut down their operations for good.



Disaster Recovery Versus Flood Recovery

But, what’s worse is that the loss of data can be fatal for small and big companies alike. Some businesses can deal with the flood damage clean up and immediately regain their footing following a natural disaster. Sit, if their on-site servers, network infrastructure, or computers get damaged because of the flood, then it will be difficult to restore the company back to its pre-disaster state. If the main server of the company fails, it could mean several hours of hard work lost, the loss of several customers, and several hours of downtime spend trying to recover crucial data.

But if, before disaster strikes, a company has migrated their essential data to the cloud, they will have an easier time to restore their operations and return to work. Even if the whole company is leveled, their employees can easily access information that is vital to the operations of the company and help it keep afloat through cloud computing.

Cloud Backup Solutions

Many cloud backup services will back up your data using various levels of redundancy, which makes it impossible to lose everything, regardless of what might happen. Whether it’s solar flares, hurricanes, earthquakes, you can rest easy knowing that your information is safe and protected and prepared whenever you need to access it. It’ is a more secure and safer way compared to having a physical server in your back office, where it’s vulnerable to various elements.

This applies not only to natural disasters but to various other methods your company can lose data every day. A disgruntled employee may steal or damage your data. A hacker may snake its way into your systems and hold your data for ransom. Some owners are not comfortable with the idea of holding their data outside their establishment and their main concerns involve security. But if you come to think of it, the cloud eliminates all of these concerns almost totally since your data is secured well through a cloud based computing solutions and IT services Wilmington NC including various backup and recovery options.

Although it’s true that that all businesses is right for the cloud, it’s something that is still worth considering especially if you wish to ensure your company’s longevity.


If you are interested about cloud computing services or you wish to know more about our backup and recovery solutions, call SpartanTec, Inc. now.


SpartanTec, Inc.
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Serving: Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Columbia, Wilmington, Fayetteville, Florence


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