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managed firewalls Wilmington NCUpdated managed firewalls could help protect your company’s network while letting legitimate business communication to be sent out and then received. It will keep bad actors out and could be utilized to keep employees away from websites that are non-work related.

Although a firewall offers great protection and security, it requires management and monitoring. Checking your own firewall can be a very time-consuming, expensive, and intensive task that needs regular upgrades and security expertise. A lot of companies don’t have sufficient internal expertise, capital, and time to check their own firewalls 24/7. For these firms, a managed firewall is an effective and affordable solution.

How do managed firewalls work?

A managed firewall is a type of service that provides improved threat management. Security experts will check your firewall remotely and could help mitigate possible threats. To achieve this, they will check your network traffic and find out what normal traffic looks like your company. If they detect any unusual activity, they can identify and address it right away.

Aside from that, your computer security services provider would conduct routine traffic analysis and then send you regular reports so you know what your network traffic patterns are and how your IT support team is managing the threats to your company’s network.



Affordable Expertise  

What’s great about IT services such as managed firewalls Wilmington NC is that they can make the most out of the economies of scale to provide firms the cybersecurity they require, at an affordable price. Before, the only option was for businesses to have their own in-house security solution for their company’s network, which must be covered using a capital expenditure.

How do managed firewalls enhance your business operations?

Protect your company against cybercrime

Cybercrime is a concern that continues to grow for businesses and regular citizens, too. A cybercrime report that was published by Cybersecurity Ventures found that cyberattack rates are rising than any other crime and it would cost the world economy about $6 trillion.

A company that becomes a victim of a cybercriminal will be facing serious losses and a lot of problems ahead. Another report published by the Better Business Bureau revealed that 50% of all businesses would lose their company’s profitability in one month if they lose critical data.

Meet compliance requirements

As cyberattacks’ threat level continues to rise, so does the burden of complying with the standard regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and Sarbanes Oxley. They continue to change and evolve with more technical and stricter compliance requirements. Things are made much more complicated by the addition of new policies such as GDPR.

Ease of burden of monitoring

The burden of 24/7 monitoring could be heavy for several small and medium businesses. For instance, if you only have a small IT team that is made up of only one IT security expert, it’s just not possible for that one person to monitor your network continuously.

Many business owners have to concentrate on their primary business activities; they do not have enough time to become an IT security expert. And hiring more staff members for round-the-clock monitoring could be too costly. A managed firewall solution will solve these concerns.


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managed firewallsManaged firewalls offer protection against outside attackers by protecting your network or computer from unnecessary or malicious internet traffic. Firewalls could be set up to block information from specific locations while granting access to necessary or relevant data. They are used to compartmentalize internal system with PCI, HIPPAA, as well as other Level 1 information from systems that might not have the exact level of security or sensitivity requirements.

SpartanTec, Inc. provides firewall design and management to make sure that the firewalls are deployed in line with the best practices and industry standards. Managed firewalls Wilmington NC are crucial in securing your computer as well as your network.

What are the benefits of managed firewalls?

If your computer can be access through Wi-Fi network or an internet connection, it’s at risk of attack. But you can also limit outside access to the computers as well as data on it through a firewall.



What type of firewall works best?

Hardware-Based Firewalls

Firewalls Wilmington NC comes in to categories such as software and hardware. Also known as network firewalls, these are physical devices that are placed between the internet and the computer. A lot of vendors and a few internet service providers provide integrated home office/small office routers that include firewall features.

Hardware-based firewalls are useful for securing several computers and managing the network activity that tries to go through them. The benefit of this kind of firewall is that it offers another layer of protection against attacks that reach the desktop computing systems. The downside is that they’re different devices that need experts to handle their configuration and maintenance.

Software-Based Firewalls

Many operating systems have a built in firewall feature that you can enable for an extra layer of protection, even if you already have an external firewall. A firewall-based software is also offered separately from a software vendor, local computer store, or an internet service provider. If you decide to download it from the internet, be sure that you’re doing so from a reputable source and through a secure site.

The benefit of software firewalls is that they can control certain behaviors of each application on a system. A major drawback is that it is located on the exact same system that you’re trying to protect, which could prevent the ability of the firewall to detect and prevent malicious activity. Another potential drawback is that when you have a firewall for every computer within a network, you have to update as well as manage every firewall in the computer.

How do you know the best configuration setting?

Many of the firewall products available in the market, both software and hardware based, are often preconfigured and are ready to use. You have to make sure that you understand if the default firewall settings suits your needs. Although firewalls that have been configured properly may block a few attacks, don’t be fooled into having a false sense of security. Firewalls can’t guarantee that your computer or network can’t be attacked. Keep in mind that they protect you against malicious traffic not programs. It may even not be able to protect you if you run or install a malware on your device accidentally. But using a firewall in addition to other protective measures can help strengthen your computer security Wilmington NC.


Call SpartanTec, Inc. now and let our team of experts explain the importance of installing firewall and how our managed firewall solutions can help boost your company’s cybersecurity.


SpartanTec, Inc.
Wilmington, NC 28412
(910) 218-9255

Serving: Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Columbia, Wilmington, Fayetteville, Florence


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