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cybersecurityNow is the best time for businesses to check how their handling their company data. Over the past few decades, technology has become a crucial component of any workplace. From financial transactions and email correspondence, to work documents and networking, companies of all sizes depend on technology to stay connected all the time and perform their work efficiently. But, when such communication lines are compromised or threatened, it could lead to a disastrous effect on a company. That's why cybersecurity is crucial.

The cyberattacks on TalkTalk back in 2015 is among the most high profile incidents as it result to a record fine of £400,000 because of its security failings. In line with that, Three Mobile was also victim of cyberattack, wherein 200,000 of its client information were exposed.

However, it’s not only the bug businesses that need to worry about network security. Even if you only have a small business or even those who have small to medium enterprises are still vulnerable to cyberattacks.




Know The Latest Cybersecurity Threats

Data breaches may result in lost files, assets, or intellectual property as well as website or system corruption. There are several kinds of online security threats these days. These include scammers who send fraudulent emails, impersonate a legal business, as well as malware and viruses.

Data Leak Protection

Among the most personal and rampant threats when it comes to cybersecurity is data leaks. They can cause damage to business and individuals alike. All companies hold a wide range of data from employee data to customer information, which usually contains sensitive details which could easily be vulnerable if businesses do not take the needed steps to protect them.

Limiting the amount of personal information that is made available to the public is one good way of making data is secured from possible leaks.

However, there are other methods available to minimize the possibility of exposure. You should consider setting up a burner email, which is a dummy email account that your company can use when they sign up for a service or site that they do not want to provide their real email address to. In case your email account has been compromised, there is the “Have I Been Pawnd” online tool that lets users search through different data breaches to determine if their email address has been breached.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is another cyber security threat for businesses. It is a kind of malware that encrypts the data of a businesses and can only unlocked in exchange for a large fee. Although the data that’s saved on the computer could be vulnerable to ransomware, these kinds of cyberattacks have also grown in popularity with the emergence of cloud services for data storage.

An increasing number of business are choosing the cloud for storing data. But there appears to be a misconception that cloud data storage is much safer and secure than the hard drive of a computer. Businesses must make sure that the valuable data is always backed up in different places.

Even though malicious programs and software continue to develop, security software these days are adapting to cope with online threats, too. That is why it is crucial for businesses to update its anti-virus software all the time.

On the other hand, there’s also a misconception that anti-virus alone can deal with ransomware. Companies have to make sure that they invest in a reliable software that could protect them against cyberattacks.


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network securityQuality network security is important in the digital landscape today, where everything depends on technology. Although various anti-malware programs and security solutions are readily available to create a network security plan, a good firewall should be used as an additional layer of defense. The market for global network security is expected to reach a whopping $22.8 billion by 2024.

Here’s a guide to VPNs, firewalls, and network security.

All You Need To Know About Network Security, Firewalls, and VPNS.

What is network security?

Network security is a set of policies and practices that are set in place to monitor and prevent misuse, unauthorized access, changes to a computer network, as well as other related resources. Network security is made to protect the usability and integrity of a network.

Several defense layers are mixed to create network security. Every layer has its own set of policies and controls. This way, only users that are authorized could access the network resources and those that are not authorized are blocked.



What are the different types of network security?

The transformation of learning, work, and everyone’s lives is partly due to digitalization. To provide safe services to its clients, every company needs to protect its network. With the assistance of network security, they could defend themselves against cyberattacks. Listed below are the different types of network security that can be used by organizations and individuals. These are firewalls, anti-malware and anti-virus software, email security, web security, VPNs, and network segmentation.

What are firewalls?

A firewall network security system will scan all network traffic that comes in and out. It will decide whether to allow or block traffic according to the security rules that were set. Firewalls act as the first line of defence within the network security. It’s role is to create a barrier between controlled and secured internal networks. A firewall are available in the form of a software and hardware.

What are the different types of firewalls?

The different types of firewalls that companies can choose from are proxy firewalls, next generation firewalls, stateful inspection firewalls, unified threat firewall, and threat focused next generation firewall.

What is a VPN?

A vpn or virtual private network is a private network’s extension that allows users to have online anonymity and privacy. This is performed by making a private network across a public internet connection. VPNs will makes the internet protocol IP address of the user so that their activities online are untraceable virtually. With the help of a VPN service, an encrypted and secure connection could be created to offer better privacy.

What are the benefits of a vpn?

It hides your information and allows you to access region blocked services. You can avoid bandwidth throttling and allows you to escape data throttling. You will get access to the regional sports coverage that are not available in your area and you can avoid censorship when you are traveling. It offers network scalability and cuts back your support costs.


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cybersecurityToday’s enterprises are dealing with constant change affecting different parts of their business. And far too often, the various solutions to these new realities do not align. This is especially true of business goals and cybersecurity policy. Traditionally, as your customers have maneuvered simultaneously to address rapidly changing business and consumer demands along with security threats, a compromise was made at the expense of cybersecurity.

However, as new threats evolve with enormous consequences for the bottom line, board members and C-level executives are shifting their focus to recognize the critical role network security must play in business, but without impacting either profitability and accessibility.



Competing Business Trends Facing Your Customers

This is easier said than done, as your customers need to be able to address several competing trends with a single solution. Speed, profitability, and business growth often appear to be at odds with compliance and security. However, for your customers to be successful, each of these trends must be addressed without hindering another.

  1. Speed & Profitability

Profit is the main objective of each business unit, and today it is increasingly achieved through speed, either in terms of responding to customer needs, managing inventory and production, or delivering critical services. This is why trends such as digital transformation and agile development exist. The consumers your customers serve expect instant accessibility and information.

  1. Business Growth

If the profitability opportunity is met, the next challenge that your customers’ will face will be growth. In today’s digital business environment, this means that the infrastructure they have in place must be both scalable and elastic. Otherwise, growth and speed will be hindered, ultimately impacting both profitability and viability. To achieve this, infrastructures are being reworked to handle the increased traffic every couple of months, often through a combination of new technologies such as IoT, cloud-based infrastructure or services, and expanded data center resources and throughput.

  1. Security

With new, sophisticated cyberattacks targeting businesses of all verticals, especially targeting the constantly expanding attack surface, the nature of the security infrastructure cannot be ignored. A successful data breach can cause severe reputational damage; ransomware and DDoS attacks can knock organizations offline; and sensitive customer can be stolen, resulting in severe liabilities. Any of these will impact the bottom line. As a result, your customers need security solutions that enable growth and profitability, while securing their network and data. They just may not know where to look.

  1. Compliance

As your customers leverage new tools, such as connected devices and applications, they are collecting more consumer data than ever. As a result, a number of regulating bodies across the world have begun imposing strict new standards for data storage and protection. To avoid the fines and penalties that accompany non-compliance, your customers need security controls that ensure they meet these standards.

Security and Velocity

For security and compliance, the easiest solution would be to decrease network accessibility. However, this would be at direct odds with their business goals and needs. Network accessibility is integral to digital transformation efforts and employee efficiency. Similarly, security has often been seen by business units to be a hindrance to innovation. Part of the reason is that IT support teams typically add one-off isolated point solutions to the network to address the ‘threat of the day.’ However, the lack of communication between these devices can result in decreased network accessibility and visibility, as well as security efficiency, ultimately compromising performance. Ath the same time, however, C-level executives increasingly acknowledge the importance of mitigating data breaches and remaining compliant.

As a result, a recent study found that 43 percent of cybersecurity professionals agree that aligning the goals of the IT teams with those of business units is the most beneficial investment organizations can make. With Fortinet, it is now possible for your customers to align these four conflicting goals using an integrated Security Fabric approach to achieve both security and velocity without compromise either one.

Align Business and Cybersecurity Policy with the Security Fabric

The Security Fabric is an architectural approach to cybersecurity that provides comprehensive network protection without inhibiting business operations.

The Security Fabric allows your customers to deploy leading security solutions across their distributed environments that are also designed to communicate with one another in order to detect, prevent, and respond to threats in a coordinated fashion, regardless of where they occur. This broad network of solutions extends from the network perimeter, with next-generation firewalls and endpoint protection, into the cloud, with application security, CASBs, and more, and deep into the core of the network through dynamic network segmentation and powerful data center security technologies. Each device that makes up the Fabric is also regularly updated with the latest threat intelligence from FortiGuard labs, ensuring an automatic response the moment a threat or threat trend is detected. This comprehensive, intelligent security approach enables the network accessibility organizations need, and at the speeds they require, allowing genuine requests to pass through uninterrupted while stopping those that are suspicious.

The Security Fabric is also highly scalable. This means that as your customers’ business and networks grow, their cybersecurity policies and protocols will grow with it. Additionally, the Fabric is designed to evolve alongside emerging networking trends. So as new approaches such as intent-based networking gain traction across your customers’ organizations, the Fabric promises to deliver intent-based security to complement and protect those advanced network architectures.

Final Thoughts

Your customers need to be able to provide a seamless experience to their users, while meeting compliance standards and securing their network from data breaches through effective cybersecurity practices and zero trust network. While many of today’s traditional security solutions do not provide the flexibility and performance to meet these conflicting goals, the Fortinet Security Fabric offers intelligent and comprehensive security that allows for unprecedented growth, speed, profitability, and compliance.

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