firewallA firewall is a computer software or hardware security device that could help in protecting your network. It filters the traffic and blocks unauthorized users from getting access to your computer’s private data. Not only does a firewall stop unwanted traffic, it could also help in preventing malicious software from infecting your network or computer.

Firewalls could offer different levels of protection. They important thing is knowing how much protection your network needs. Here are the basics of firewall that you need to know.

What is the purpose of a firewall?

A firewall Wilmington NC can be considered as a gatekeeper. It checks attempts to get access to your operating system and it will block unrecognized sources or unwanted traffic. A firewall will serve as a filter or barrier between your computer and the internet or another network. You can think of it as a traffic controller. It will protect your information and network by regulating your network traffic. This will include stopping unsolicited incoming network traffic and then validate the access by evaluating network traffic for any potential malicious activities such as a malware or even a hacker.

How does it work?

Firewalls will analyse the network traffic according to rules. It will only allow incoming connections that the firewall has been configured to accept. It will not allow or it will block specific data packets, units of communication that you send through digital networks, according to pre-established security policies.

What are the types of firewalls?

There are hardware and software firewalls that can help prevent data breach. Every format will serve a different yet crucial purpose. A hardware firewall is your broadband router while a software firewall is a program on your computer that will work through the port numbers as well as applications.

You’ll also find cloud based firewalls which are also called as firewall as a service. They can grow with your company and just like hardware firewalls, they perform well with the perimeter security.



There are many types of firewall based on their functions and structure. If you need help, you can always get in touch with SpartanTec, Inc. for expert help.

Packet Filtering Firewalls

These are firewalls that serves as a management program. They could block the network traffic IP control, a port number, and an IP address. This kind of firewall is considered to be the most basic form of protection and it is ideal for smaller networks that want to improve their cybersecurity.

Proxy Service Firewalls

The proxy service firewall is a kind of system that can protect your network security. It filers the messages within the application layer. It will serve as the middle man or gateway between the outside servers and the internal network. It is also referred to as a gateway firewall.

State Multi Layer Inspection Firewalls

They have standard capabilities including tracking established connections. It filters the traffic according to the protocol, port, and state, as well as the administrator defined context and rules.

Unified Threat Management Firewalls

It is a program that mixes the functions of the SMLI firewall and antivirus and intrusion prevention.

Next Generation Firewall

They are more sophisticated programs than the packet filtering and stateful inspection firewalls. They feature more levels of security, which range from basic packet filtering to checking a packet in general.

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