data backupData backup is crucial regardless of whether your business is located. When your computer encounters a power surge, different unfortunate events may happen. If too much voltage hits your power supply, it could fry all of the components in the computer and the ones that are closes to the power supply will suffer the most damage.

Given that there’s a chance that the hard drive can be decimated during inclement weather, it’s crucial to have a data backup and disaster recovery plan.

If your confidential data is at risk, you need a professional to assist you every step of the way. You need the help of IT experts that specialize in Wilmington Managed IT Services.

What is data backup and disaster recovery?

Data backup refers to the process that involves mirroring or copying your data. Your backups could be stored in different areas as a safeguard. There are flexible storage options that allow you to backup your data to the local disks, cloud, tape devices, and even local network drives so you can access it wherever you are.

In case your files become corrupted or you lose your data during a power outage, you should have a recovery plan in place. Disaster recovery could restore your information to its previous state well before the corruption took place. If you’re storing essential projects or sensitive data on your drive, data backup and disaster recovery tools are important.



Different Types of Data Backups

Tape or disk backups

These are the conventional or oldest forms of data backup to a physical drive. This type of data backup has its benefits and drawbacks. It’s cheap, quick, and reliable method of backing up your information but because it’s a physical device, you don’t have the same accessibility compared to more modern options.

Direct to cloud backups

This option involves sending information directly to the cloud without the use of a physical backup. You will be backing up your information at a remote data center. When you use the cloud storage option, you don’t have any onsite physical data storage. Although this option is considered as the most convenient one, you’re restricted by the capabilities of your computer. Fortunately, you’ll rarely encounter problems thanks to high bandwidth capabilities these days.

Hybrid backup

With hybrid data backup and disaster recovery options, you will reserve a local data backup and use the cloud to store your information, too. Your computers will backup first to the local devices and your local storage device could backup to the cloud after several hours so that it won’t interrupt the performance of your devices during business hours.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Options

Your disaster recovery options will depend on your existing backup methods. Disaster recovery services are also available. You can recover your data through your local device or from the cloud. A mix of both solutions would benefit your business the most. Just remember to handle your data backup and disaster recovery carefully. You can seek out an IT support professional to help you.


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